January Jones Back On The ‘Mad Men’ Set A Month After Giving Birth

January Jones gave birth to her son Xander Dane Jones a month ago and she’s already back to work. A four-week maternity leave we can all agree isn’t much but the actress has already donned her Betty Draper attire, walking across set in a floral nightgown.

Shortly after January announced her pregnancy, there was talk of how to hide or perhaps showcase the pregnancy on Mad Men. Jon Hamm even spoke up about having some ideas on the ideas when it came to camera angles. Still, the big question loomed whether Betty would be with child when it came to the new season.

Judging by these photographs, it’s difficult to discern whether January is intended to be pregnant or is just simply post-pregnant herself. Either way, the single mother was looking to either walk onto set in the last weeks of pregnancy or as a new mother.

She may not have gone to work on her delivery day like some expectant mothers in the public eye, but getting back on the job a month after labor is nothing short of crazy — especially for work like acting. Needless to say, January’s presence on the set is representative of the many women who hit the proverbial desk in the early months of motherhood.

Of course, they often don’t have the legion of nannies, a nearby trailer, or the overall resources to get back into the professional swing of things with maximum efficiency.

(photo: justjared.buzznet.com)

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