Join Our Attachment Parenting Facebook Chat And Get A Chance To Win A Ginormous Gift Tote Bag From Earth’s Best!

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earth's bestRemember right after your baby was born and you perhaps had all those lovely gift bags lying around? You know, the ones from your baby shower that came with a starter pack of diapers and maybe some bibs? Didn’t it suck when you reached into that diaper cake one day and discovered that all those wipes were gone? Well, now you you can get a new bag of baby essentials on us. And you don’t even have to attend a baby shower!

Participate in our Facebook Attachment Parenting discussion on Friday, July 13th between noon and 1 pm EST and get a chance to win an Earth’s Best tote gift bag complete with 44 chlorine-free diapers ( size 1), whole grain rice cereal and organic crunchin’ crackers. Among eight organic fruit yogurt snacks and Pop Snax, the lucky mommy will also find in her tote bag an Earth’s Best bib, baby bowl, and 30 chlorine-free baby wipes.

A representative from Attachment Parenting International (API) will be exclusively answering questions from Mommyish readers, from curiosities on extended breastfeeding to co-sleeping to attachment parenting beyond the diaper years. So brush up on those attachment parenting myths and bring your inquiries to our Facebook page this Friday. There’s free diapers in for you — regardless of your parenting style.