Move Over, Unicorn Sprinkler: Pottery Barn Is Selling a Giant Rainbow Sprinkler Now

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I’m going to be so damn broke this summer, it’s not even funny. Earlier this week, we brought you news that there was a giant unicorn sprinkler that could be yours for about $50. Now, I’ve searched high and low for this damn thing, and it’s not easy to find. BUT. That doesn’t mean we still can’t have magical waterworks! Pottery Barn has also entered the sprinkler game, with a giant rainbow sprinkler. This thing is massive. But, it’s Pottery Barn, so it has a massive price tag to match.

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Image: Giphy

The giant rainbow sprinkler from Pottery Barn measures 7.5 feet wide and 5 feet tall. It’s basically one of those balloon arches from high school prom.

giant rainbow sprinkler

Image: Pottery Barn

According to the Pottery Barn website, the hose hooks up to the bottom of the rainbow, and water cascades down in a “transparent water curtain”. So you kids can just tire themselves out running through the water curtain while you lounge in the shade with a drink and a book! It looks like a lot of fun. Just look at those smiling, happy kids! No screaming or fighting, it must be the magic of the rainbow water curtain.

The giant rainbow sprinkler retails for a cool $149. Which seems CRAZY, when you can have the unicorn sprinkler for about $50 (assuming you can find one). But that’s Pottery Barn for you!

PB has a few other summer fun items for sale, too. There’s a dino sprinkler, a pirate ship pool sprinkler thing, and this super cute inflatable unicorn pool! I feel like that unicorn pool would be perfect right under the water curtain from the giant rainbow sprinkler.

giant rainbow sprinkler

Image: Pottery Barn

If you’ve got a big yard and money to burn, Pottery Barn has the perfect summer accessories for you. Swear to god, everyone’s house is going to look like a Lisa Frank graveyard come August.

(Image: Pottery Barn)