5 Baby Bump Concealers That Kate Middleton Should Bring Back Into Fashion

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FF603F_IVY__40042.1351009478.1280.1280In case you missed it, pregnant Kate Middleton is apparently choosing to “conceal” her Kate Middleton baby bump from us all with her throwback choice of shawls. Chic pregnancy shawls! Instantly gone chic-i-fied by the Duchess choosing them. But since we’re going to be into this royal pregnancy thing all the way through her July due date, Kate Middleton has many baby bump concealing days ahead of her. And even she can’t cycle through fancy shawls forever.

I don’t think the Duchess is obligated to show her “baby bump” — just one of many irksome terms doled out to pregnant celebrity women — to anyone. Needless of all the lurking paparazzi looking to capture her every leggings purchase. Sniffing around for that lucrative Baby Bump Debut shot that we have yet to be treated to. (Go chic pregnancy shawls!)

But since Kate Middleton is royalty — and therefore can pull of many looks that would have us mere commoners mistaken for subway crazies — I propose a few other baby bump concealers that she should bring back into fashion. And all for the sake of keeping that bump under wraps. One woman’s 80s accessories are another woman’s way to protect her tummy from pervy prying eyes.