Real-Life Superhero Cory Booker Helps New Moms Through Hurricane Sandy

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Cory BookerCory Booker is working mighty hard to position himself as a modern day superhero. And I have to say, by swooping in to help new mothers care for the infants after a natural disaster, he might just have earned the title.

If you don’t follow the Mayor of Newark on Twitter, you should. If nothing else, it will serve as encouragement to help you get off the couch and out into your community for some volunteer work. It’s impossible to look at Cory Booker’s Twitter feed and not feel lazy or like you should be doing more to help your fellow man.

During Hurricane Sandy, the man who has always been willing to come shovel out his constituents driveways himself seemed to take on Superman-like levels of projects. He was all over the place, responding to concerned citizens, updating with emergency information, and imploring people to stay safe in their homes. Then, he made the ultimate move to solidify himself as the hero of social media. He started coming to the rescue of newborn babies and their frazzled mothers.

cory bookerNow, to be fair, this particular resident wasn’t asking for baby supplies. She’s worried about not having any heat, as any new mother would be. And all the Pampers in the world aren’t going to help if it’s 45 degrees in your house. If you didn’t look at the original request for help, you wouldn’t see that the constituent was looking for more than baby supplies. Or that the lady had Tweeted at her Mayor multiple times in the hour about the desperate conditions in her neighborhood.

If you were just seeing Mayor Booker’s tweet, which is how most of his million+ followers will see it, the response looks even more heroic and swoon-inducing. Just seeing the single tweet, plenty of the Mommyish ladies let out collective “Awwww”s.

But even with the clarification and the realization that Booker might not be able to give this particular citizen exactly what she wants at the moment, you have to appreciate a politician who does so much work to try to help those living in his city. And you have to understand that it might not always work out, but at least the guy is trying.

Just in case that whole saving babies thing doesn’t nab him the title for Mayor Most Like Prince Charming, he’s on to saving children with asthma next.

Cory BookerExcuse me while I go sign up to volunteer at a local soup kitchen and donate blood. With examples like Cory Booker, how can you just sit around watching Project Runways re-runs?