8 Creepy Vintage Dolls That Are Way Scarier Than Any Other Halloween Decoration You Could Conceive

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Halloween is coming! Are you into it? Have you already broken out the spider webs and tombstones? If you are one of those people who likes to decorate with family friendly chubby ghosts and smiley bats, good for you. Having random strangers appear at your door demanding candy is creepy enough without all of those scare-tastic houses out there.

But if you are one of those families who likes to compete with your neighbors over whose house makes more children cry, I have some awesome ideas for you. Who needs tombstones, vampires, and fake blood when you can horrify the kids in your neighborhood with vintage doll heads? Think about it – is there anything creepier than an old doll in bad condition? I think not.

1. Doll head garland.


(photo: Etsy)

Forget your dumb little grinning jack-o-lanterns! This is your go-to decoration now. MWAHAHAHAHA.

2. Doll heads in a jar.


(photo: Etsy)

This was inspired by an item for sale in an Etsy store. Who would buy this? People scare me. Anyway, you can probably find some creepy old doll heads at a vintage goods store. Voila!

3. Nope.



Tell me that putting this effing thing on your doorstep wouldn’t scare your neighbors way more than a vampire. Imagine walking up to this thing at night. In the dark. She’s just staring at you. I’m going to cry now.

4. Clown. ‘Nuff said.


(photo: Pinterest)

I don’t want to live in a world where this would be considered a child’s toy. Someone set this thing on fire, please.

5. Detached-limb doll.


(photo: Etsy)

He’s looking right at his torso like, “Hey — all my limbs are detached and I’m totally okay with it.” This doll is not to be trusted. Pepper this thing all over your lawn. Way better than a jack-o-lantern.

6. Worst jack-in-the-box you’ve ever seen. Ever.



Everyone will run screaming from your house when this fucking thing pops out of the box. Don’t even bother buying candy.

7. Monkey?


(photo: creepypasta)

I guess you just need to buy and old monkey doll and set it on fire and this horrifying thing emerges from the flame. Haunting.

8. Child’s play.


(photo: Pinterest)

Anyone have any of these laying around? We can’t forget the inspiration for Child’s Play. Just prop these dolls in the branches of your trees. Chilling.