The 8 Types Of People You Will Meet On Halloween

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trick-or-treatersSome parents like to stay home to hand out candy on Halloween, others of us end up as trick-or-treat chaperones. Whether you loathe the assignment, love reliving your childhood through your kids, or are just there to filch some candy, the players are usually the same year after year. If you are taking your kids out trick-or-treating this year, here are eight of the types of people you’re bound to meet.


1. The Grandma

 She insists you come inside her house, where she presents you with hand crafted packets of unwrapped candy. Sweet as the gesture is, you will inevitably toss these because no one under 70 likes hard candies that taste like fake strawberry.

2. The Competitive Brat

This little shit races past your group to get to the front door first and doesn’t even bother to say thank you. You resist the urge to trip him, even though you want to, because you are trying to be a good role model. Let’s hope the ungrateful brat gets all the cavities.

3. The Clueless Infant

Sure, she’s adorable and all, in her pink bumblebee costume, but your kids have been waiting patiently for the last five minutes as she tries to fish a Snickers out of the plastic cauldron. Can’t Dad step in already? We all know he’s stealing that candy later anyway.

4.The Judgy Mom

Two houses down, you spot that mom from the PTA who seems to hates you for no reason. Her kids are decked out in fancy handmade costumes, complete with safety lights and warm underclothes that coordinate with their outfits. You hustle your Target clad clan across the street and try not to make eye contact.

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