I Didn’t Become A Mom To Not Go Trick-Or-Treating With My Infant

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Baby with Halloween candyHalloween is for people of all ages to enjoy, and if you stay home because you think your baby is too young to understand or remember the holiday, you are missing out. Here are a few of the reasons why you should totally join me in taking your baby trick-or-treating.

Sure, there is the occasional candy miser who will hate on parents that take their baby trick or treating because they secretly want to avoid handing out candy so they have leftovers for themselves ::cough, cough Theresa Edwards cough:: but don’t let those few witches get you down. Grab a pillow case and toss together some easy DIY costumes. Let’s go get some candy and compliments!

1. Winter is coming. Soon it will be dark and cold the majority of the time. Assuming you are not housebound due to epic amounts of snow, getting out of the house with the baby will require half and hour of bundling her up, only to realize as you are opening the door to leave that she needs a new diaper. If you are brave and daring enough to take your baby out in winter, be prepared for all the germs that await you during cold and flu season. But on Halloween, you don’t need to worry about all that. Halloween is the last hurrah of enjoyable outdoor weather. Don’t let yourself get stuck inside handing out candy, get out there and enjoy that foliage.

2. Your baby is adorable. While parents often get grief throughout the rest of the year for bragging about their children on Facebook, Halloween gives you a free pass to show off. No wasting a cute outfit on a trip to the park and having no one notice, no heartless adults who fail to smile back when your little one gives them an adorable gummy grin in the checkout line at the market. People who have souls that aren’t black and aren’t named Theresa want to see little babies dressed up in costumes. This is your chance to prove once and for all that you have the cutest baby on the block and I say, go for it.

3. It gives you an excuse to dress up, too. Speaking of costumes, for some parents dressing up for Halloween ends around the college years. Having a baby is the perfect excuse to get back in on the action, maybe even with matching family costumes. Now you can dress up and relive the nostalgia of childhood Halloweens gone by.

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