This $140K Princess Castle Is Perfect For Living Vicariously Through Your Spoiled Child

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harrods-wishmakers-princess-topIf you have a little girl and you want to give her everything you want for yourself you never had while simultaneously showing all your friends and neighbors that you are rich and fancy in the most ostentatious way possible, have I got a playhouse for you.


The “Wendy” house at Harrods in London is a pink princess castle with towers, heavy satin curtains, and a hand-laid parquet floor. It is the perfect way to say, “fuck your American Girl doll,” and was made by Master Wishmakers, a company that designs excruciatingly posh playhouses, tree houses, and kids’ rooms. According to the Daily Mail it has a sticker price of  £85,000. That’s about $137,000, or a price at which a person could buy an actual house.

Master Wishmakers’ custom playrooms are available through Harrods, and the Wendy house is a sample of their work. It is currently the dressing room for kids who want to try on princess dresses at the Harrods children’s department, but several Harrods customers are said to have made inquiries about getting pink play houses of their own.

Harrods reportedly said, “the dressing room has attracted numerous expressions of interest from clients in the Middle East, as well as celebrities and royals, since going on sale a month ago.”

You know who else would love this? That guy who planted a flag in Africa so his daughter could be a “real princess.”

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