Packing An Emergency Preparedness Kit For Your Child’s Halloween Costume

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With a barrage of family members to visit and multiple neighborhoods to make an appearance at, Halloween in a marathon of candy and kisses for our little one. She has three sets of grandparents, two babysitters and eight aunts and uncles who all want to check out the adorableness of her costume and snap a couple pictures. Now, we attempt to congregate and get multiple family members checked off the list with each stop, but it’s still a whirlwind of trick-or-treating for October 31st.

Our hectic schedule is planned to the minute. This means that there is absolutely no time to stop for common issues like a ripped cape or an errant crown. Man, those costumes are chintzy. No, our family has to be prepared for any emergency that might occur when we have a little one decked out in a twenty-piece Wonder Woman costume.

My husband was an Eagle Scout, so I consulted with him to make sure I was including everything that we might need. Let me know if we’re forgetting anything (preferably before Monday). This year, we won’t be stalled by anything that Comic Book Costume can throw at us.