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This Magic Color-Changing Hair Dye Is a Gift from Science

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It’s been a long time since mothers had to have “mom hair.” It’s 2017, and mothers can have pink hair, blue hair, purple hair, or green hair, and thanks to science, maybe they can have them all at the same time with this wild new color-changing hair dye.

According to IFLScience, this magic color-changing hair dye comes from a British company called The Unseen, and it switches back and forth between two colors depending on the temperature. It can go from black to red, white, or yellow, from blue to white, and from silver to blue. Who doesn’t want this? This is amazing.

Here’s a shot of the black-to-red hair color in action:



My favorite part of every sci-fi movie is when a woman dramatically changes her hair as if by magic.  The first two seconds of this trailer are 99% of the reason I plan to see ‘Valerian’ when it comes out:


And now it’s real!

Unseen’s color-change hair dye is called Fire, and it works by using the kind of thermocromatic ink that changes color with temperature. The temperature depends on the specific dye color, and IFLS says the blue dye turns white at about 60 degrees or colder, which is just perfect for anyone looking to act out their Queen Elsa fantasies. The red dye turns black at 88 degrees, which sounds like it would mostly be useful for saunas or hot yoga.

The dye was unveiled this week at London Fashion Week, and it’s not available commercially yet, but the company definitely plans to sell it in stores.