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Educator Says Women’s Facial Expressions Can Prevent Rape, To Which My Face Says “WTF?!”

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Cory Rosenkranz, coordinator of Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention at Ramapo College in New Jersey, is under fire for a presentation on sexual assault in which she essentially said women could prevent rape by watching how they dress and act, and what facial expressions they make. SERIOUSLY. Her presentation included, “saying that women need to watch their body language,” said Brandon Molina, a peer educator in attendance, “and that women should practice how they articulate their face [in a social setting] by practicing in the mirror.”

Wait, I’m sorry, what?


WTF did I just hear you say?


Um, not only are you victim-blaming, but you’re saying women can prevent whether or not they’re raped by their f**king facial expressions?!


Hold on, I need a second to process this crazy talk.


Lemme guess, you also told them to watch their alcohol consumption too.


I thought so.

So you are telling women that facial expressions can either lead to or prevent assault. Tell me – what would happen if I made this face to a potential rapist:


How about this face:


And this one?


NEWSFLASH! No matter what f**king face I make, I am never doing anything that invites rape. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RAPE. Got that? Placing the burden of sexual violence and assault prevention on the shoulders of potential victims and not the perpetrators is bullsh*t and WRONG. And to anyone who thinks differently, I say:


Is that facial expression clear enough for you?

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