You Have To See This Fundamentalist Mom’s Anti-Science Video Rant At The Natural History Museum

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megan fox homeschooling creationist momIn case you’re not sold on the serious need for some sort of rigorous standards in homeschooling, let me present to you homeschooling mom Megan Fox (no, not that Megyn Fox) and her rage-filled diatribe against the Evolving Earth exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum, as well as against common sense and the nature of how we do science. (According to Fox, looking at a fossil in a glass case: definitely science! Carbon-dating the fossil to determine its age: DEFINITELY NOT SCIENCE!)

The video of her whirlwind tour through the exhibit is half an hour long, so please consult a doctor before watching it in its entirety, or I can’t be held responsible for any leakage of gray matter out through your ears. At the very least, you ought to pop some popcorn first. But I watched it so you don’t have to – join me for my own rage-filled diatribe down below.


Fox, who is unable to pronounce the word ‘eukaryote’ unassisted, takes a great deal of pride and amusement in her total lack of engagement in reality. The video starts out with her jabbing her finger at a display describing the origins of multicellular life – she takes great umbrage with the fact that single-celled organisms are portrayed as the ancestors of multi-celled creatures while there are also, SOMEHOW, still single-celled creatures on earth today. How can one thing stay the same while also giving rise to a new different thing, Fox wants to know, who based on her own logic should have ceased to exist at the moment her children were born. This woman is allowed to teach her kids science! “This doesn’t make any sense!” she yells repeatedly, and well, I have to agree with her there.

If Fox’s tour of the Evolving Earth exhibit were a term paper, it would be ripe fodder for my red pen. How can you argue so vehemently against something when you obviously have never read a single paragraph on the subject that didn’t come from a Jack Chick tract or Creation magazine? While looking at fossils, Fox cracks herself up with a joke about how ‘missing links’ don’t exist: “That’s why it’s called ‘missing!” Hur hur hur. Well, actually, people who didn’t fail eighth grade biology call them ‘transitional fossils’, and you’re walking past an entire exhibit full of them.

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