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This Down Comforter Costs $16,000

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We live in a world in which a $16,000 comforter exists, and that information must be shared in order to be processed emotionally. It’s like the video from The Ring, where the only way to keep it from killing you is to send it to someone else, except for people who read Gwyneth Paltrow’s holiday gift guides and say, “Can you believe Gwyneth Paltrow owns a portable yurt?”

Architectural Digest’s Hadley Keller wrote “The Case for the $16,000 Comforter,” and while it does not actually make a compelling case for buying a $16,000 comforter, it is an astonishing deep-dive into the world of blankets stuffed with tiny baby feathers hand-picked from the nests of rare Icelandic birds by second- and third-generation feather-pickers. (That’s not snark, it’s actually how they’re made.)

We live in a world in which comforters cost $16,000, so let this be a cautionary tale about never, ever buying anything without asking the price, no matter how rich you are. $16,000 comforters are not actually $15,000 more comfortable than $1,000 comforters, and if you buy a $16,000 comforter your partner will spend the next 40 years complaining about it, and you will not be able to go to a Holiday Inn Express without your partner saying, “Now this is a comfortable blanket! I can’t wait for our comforter to fall apart so we can buy one like this.” And you will smile and nod and know that your $16,000 comforter will never fall apart, and it is the comforter you both will die under.

H/T Architectural Digest