Kate Gosselin Gets the Gossip Mill Turning With This Birthday Picture

Eagle-eyed commenters are at it again! I will never not be mystified (and sort of impressed) by some people’s ability to zero-in on a tiny part of a picture and ask a million questions about something they see. Kate Gosselin is the latest celebrity to experience this, after she posted a picture from a birthday celebration on Instagram. It’s a very nice picture, but some people took it as an announcement of sorts. Sometimes a picture really is just a picture, guys!

Kate Gosselin recently celebrated her 43rd birthday. Her kids and some friends took her out to dinner to mark the special occasion.


OK, first of all, is anyone else horrified by how much it must cost to take seven freaking kids out to dinner? I’m assuming Collin wasn’t there, since there are quite a few WHERE’S COLLIN comments. But I digress. How sweet is this? And surprise dessert? Sign me up. But it wasn’t Kate looking happy or the pretty flowers or even the dessert that people focused on. It was Kate’s hands.

Kate wears rings on both her ring fingers. She has for years. But people saw those rings and went right to WHEN IS THE WEDDING KATE?

kate gosselin
Image: Instagram/@kateplusmy8

I have to say, Kate looks AMAZING. 43! She looks happy and relaxed, which is not a look people are familiar with, LOL. But honestly, the ring thing. It’s not unheard of nor is it odd for women to wear rings. On all their fingers, even diamond ones on their ring fingers. Don’t people think we’d have heard about a damn wedding if she got married? Not to mention, she’s single. So unless Kate Gosselin married herself, it’s pretty safe to say that the rings are merely decoration.

People just want some gossip, I suppose. And I’m sure her true fans just want her to be happy, which is why they go right to engagement questions. But you know what? Kate LOOKS happy. So maybe just let her have her surprise dessert and wear her diamond rings and wait for an announcement before making assumptions.

(Image: Instagram / @kateplusmy8)

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