Twitter Makes Epic Fun of Girl Who Accidentally Started ‘MY President’ Meme

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Independence Day might be over, but true patriotism is still going strong via the world of Twitter and the my president meme. Now, of course, the idea of what a patriot is can be something of a divisive concept these days. For some, it means giant American flags and not letting anyone take your guns because 2nd amendment and putting Trump bumper stickers on your Hemi truck. For others, it means putting pressure on politicians to save healthcare and marching with BlackLivesMatter. And then for others, it just means making fun of the girl who inadvertently started the “MY President” meme, and bashing the 45th president simultaneously.

A few days ago, Twitter user @makenna_mg tweeted an image of her sitting beside Donald Trump’s Hollywood star after cleaning off the curse words scrawled on HER president’s star. Personally, I had no idea Trump even had a star, but I have to say I’m not exactly sad that folks have been defacing it since he was elected. Anyway, Makenna (whose Twitter bio claims she lives in Wyoming and is a “daughter of Christ”) used the hashtag #raisedright to insinuate that those who don’t approve of Trump were not “raised right.” Hrm. Yeah. OK.

Honestly, it should have ended there (because frankly, cleaning that star was no service to humanity). However, the tweet caught the eye of a few conservative notables like Sean Hannity and Eric Trump. And then the rest of Twitter found out about it, and they had jokes. Lots and lots of jokes.

Britney, for example, got her star cleaned.

Ice Cube, too.

This guy gave Meryl Streep’s star a good polish. The proof is in the pic!

Burton doesn’t have a star yet apparently (HOW?!), but this fan knew he deserved some acknowledgement as HER president.

And who wouldn’t want Ellen to be our president? I mean, if a reality TV star and wrestling guest can be president, maybe Dory can, too. At least then someone would have acknowledged pride month this year.

Mickey Mouse gets a shiny star thanks to this mousekateer.

The late David Bowie would certainly make a better zombie president, no?

Speaking of celebs who are no longer with us, Ms. Monroe did have some presidential ties. Maybe she should be the one we look to?

Kevin Smith’s star is glistening now thanks to this Twitter user who claims the ViewAskew director as his prez.

Julia Louise-Dreyfus got a big salad for her star. Because the lady demands respect! And salad!

But let’s be real. She wins.

(Image: Twitter / @youronlydad)