Men Who Do the Dishes Have More Sex, Says Study

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We all know how much damage emotional labor can do to a relationship. When a marriage or relationship is one-sided in the childcare or housework department, resentment breeds like bacteria. A true partnership means things are divided equally, right? But all housework is not created equal, and some things suck WAY more than others. Like dishes. Dishes are the worst, because it’s every damn day, sometimes twice a day. You can’t let dishes pile up like laundry. Being the one stuck doing the dishes makes for one unhappy person. Plus, as it turns out, being the one who DOESN’T do the dishes (cough, men, cough) means you’re probably not having very much sex! A new study says that men who do dishes have more sex than those who don’t, and I believe it with every fiber of my being.

If your partner wants to have sex, make sure he’s the one doing the dishes.

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According to a new study, dishes are the most dreaded out of all the household chores. Again, because you have to do them SO MANY TIMES. It’s every day, morning and night. Crusty plates, curdled milk in sippies, coffee stains. So being the one stuck doing the dishes is a really quick way to become pretty resentful. That resentment can translate into being less interested in being intimate.

Women on dish duty in their house reported feeling less satisfied in their relationship, more conflict with their partner, and being less satisfied with their sex life.

The thing is, women are often relegated to the grossest, most annoying household chores. Dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom: why do we have to be the ones to do this shit? Meanwhile men get away with pulling weeds every once in a while or taking the trash out.

So pro-tip, guys: if you want to have a more robust sex life, get your ass in the kitchen and start washing those dishes (don’t wait for us to ask you, please for the love of god). You can even do the dishes together! It’s not Netflix and chill, but when you’re married with kids, you take any alone time together that you can get.

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