Here for This Rock Paper Scissors Reboot

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When I was a kid, our games of rock paper scissors got so intense that my parents banned us from playing. So we would literally hide away in our rooms and play in secret. But we always got found out, because every single game would end in an actual physical fight. I was so good, I convinced myself that I was a mind-reader based on my ability to predict what my brother or sister would throw. My own kids love the game, albeit not as … aggressively as I did. But sometimes, a good old fashioned game needs a reboot! A thread on Twitter introduced some very interesting versions of classic Roshambo. Bookmarking to play with my kids!

Rock paper scissors is fairly simple. But maybe a little boring after a while? So it’s time to change it up.

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Twitter user @afrikkinhashtag created the #RockPaperScissorsRemake hashtag, and wow. People responded with gusto. Apparently there are some strong feelings about rock paper scissors out there! And also, people have a lot of time on their hands. When they’re not throwing scissors every third hand, I mean.

But what is the winning hand here? Earth is pretty weak.

Spent way too much time trying to come up with a hand gesture for paste. It looks like a weird claw.


I appreciate how this person included a table of who beats who. I disagree with their assessment, but I appreciate it.

This one made me laugh so goddamn hard. Paperboy, LOL.

Grammar AND rock paper scissors? I think we have a winner.

I feel like Eric would fare better if he had a chin and didn’t look like he was raised in a windowless basement without sunlight.

I love all of these, and can’t wait to start playing. In the meantime, I will be spending my free time increasing my hand speed. Because we all know, it’s not what you throw, but how you throw it.

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