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Bill Cosby Asks The Internet To Meme Him, It Goes Horribly Wrong

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I guess if you’ve somehow managed to pretend rape allegations against you don’t exist for upwards of 12 years, it makes sense that you would think asking the internet to make you into a meme is a totally reasonable idea. Bill Cosby (or the team behind him) made the mistake of posting a benign image of his smiling face that said “Happy Monday,” and asking to internet to meme him with the hashtag #CosbyMeme. The internet reacted by constructing a bunch of memes filled with rape accusations — which is pretty fitting since 13 women have come forward since 2002 accusing the beloved Cosby Show patriarch of assault.

Cosby settled out of court in 2006. A recent memoir of the actor, Bill Cosby: His Life and Times, does not mention the allegations. Sorry, Bill. Your book may have managed to erase that period of your life, but the internet does not forget.

As the Mirror pointed out, “He and his team were, presumably, hoping for some happy-go-lucky jokes from his TV appearances.” Probably images like these:


The PR ploy backfired. Big time. Instead, they got these:





Sorry, Bill. I’d feel bad for you, but you’re an alleged serial rapist — so I guess I’ll just chalk this up to karma.

(photos: Twitter)