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Moms Collectively High-Five Wil Wheaton For His ‘Nerd’ Advice To A Little Girl

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Wil Wheaton NerdI love stories like this when you discover a fancy, cool Hollywood person is sincerely cool in real life, and Wil Wheaton just became the king of all that is cool due to a You Tube Video posted on Reddit, simply by telling a little girl the correct response when someone calls you a “nerd.”
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The best part about all this, well, besides the fact that Wil gives some super sweet and solid advice for dealing with bullies, is after this was posted on Reddit the mom of the little girl commented:

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This story is so sweet. I wish that every celebrity would take the time to talk to young kids about the topics of bullying and being considered a “nerd” just because they love things that others may not find cool. I think growing up, every kid feels this way at some time or another, I know I have seen this with my own kids, and hearing they are cool from mom or dad just isn’t the same as being told they are cool from someone who starred on Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory.

It’s also funny that when you get older you really freely love all the things that were considered nerdy when you were growing up. I don’t think I would have loved Game Of Thrones as much as I do now as an adult, simply because when I was younger I would have pawned it off as some sort of Dungeons and Dragons thing. Now as an adult I love everything considered nerdy or geeky. It’s my jam. Basically, everything good in the world is going to be something someone else considers nerdy, whether that be reading or certain movies or comic book adaptations or playing games or SCIENCE. I’d like to think we are all beyond labeling things “for nerds” but I think it will take a lot more people like Wil to speak out against it before that will happen. Until then, I’m happily in the nerd corner, encouraging my kids to love all the things they own peers may consider lame.

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