10 Times When Coffee Will Make You A Better Parent

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Coffee is my parenting fuel. I went a long stretch of my adult life without it as I am naturally bubbly and energetic. However, re-entering the workforce with a toddler who never slept and a busy pre-schooler was my last straw. I became a coffee freak and have been an ardent fan ever since. I’ve come to see over the last several years the many times when it saved me- and my kids. It’s true- coffee will make you a better parent.

1. Morning

sleepy cat


When my son is stoning me for breakfast at 5:30 am, there is only one thing keeping me from losing my shit. The promise of sweet, sweet coffee.

2. Your Kid’s Soccer Game

nap need


Being forced to sit through a rainy, miserable soccer game for two hours? Java to the rescue. This also gives you a lot more #basic cred. Just add yoga pants and an SUV.

3. Doctor’s Visits

snow white can't even


I love our pediatrician but sometimes, the wait can be long. Nothing like coffee to soothe the savage beast and help me tolerate my kids and their boredom-fueled, waiting room antics.

4. During That Screechy Violin Lesson



Having to endure your kid’s music lessons without a nice, hot cup of joe is just cruel.

5. Play-dates

make it stop


Your kids have their noisy friends over and you are exhausted from binge-watching The Fall on Netflix last night. COFFEE PLEASE, THANK YOU.

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