10 Times When Coffee Will Make You A Better Parent

Coffee is my parenting fuel. I went a long stretch of my adult life without it as I am naturally bubbly and energetic. However, re-entering the workforce with a toddler who never slept and a busy pre-schooler was my last straw. I became a coffee freak and have been an ardent fan ever since. I’ve come to see over the last several years the many times when it saved me- and my kids. It’s true- coffee will make you a better parent.

1. Morning

sleepy cat


When my son is stoning me for breakfast at 5:30 am, there is only one thing keeping me from losing my shit. The promise of sweet, sweet coffee.

2. Your Kid’s Soccer Game

nap need


Being forced to sit through a rainy, miserable soccer game for two hours? Java to the rescue. This also gives you a lot more #basic cred. Just add yoga pants and an SUV.

3. Doctor’s Visits

snow white can't even


I love our pediatrician but sometimes, the wait can be long. Nothing like coffee to soothe the savage beast and help me tolerate my kids and their boredom-fueled, waiting room antics.

4. During That Screechy Violin Lesson



Having to endure your kid’s music lessons without a nice, hot cup of joe is just cruel.

5. Play-dates

make it stop


Your kids have their noisy friends over and you are exhausted from binge-watching The Fall on Netflix last night. COFFEE PLEASE, THANK YOU.

6. Long Car Trips

there yet


Gotta be on the road with your kids all day? Coffee will be that stoic companion- always by your side, giving you strength where there would otherwise be none. Praise be to coffee.

7. When The In-Laws Are Coming Over

crazy cleaning


You’ve got two dirty bathrooms, two dirty kids, a sink full of dishes and judgy company coming in an hour. What else (besides illegal substances) will give you the energy you need to get through it all? Those magic beans, that’s what.

8. While Helping With Your Kid’s Science Project

all nighter


Is the night looking to go a little later than planned? Flip on the Keurig and let that life-sustaining liquid fill your mug. And your patience reserves.

9. During A Kiddie Movie 

bad toddler


Can’t stay awake for Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 but are afraid of what the toddler will do if you nod off? Just hook up the IV and let it flow at this point. I’m not even messing around.

10. Parent-Teacher Conferences

don't say


After a long day at work, you have to pretend to be awake and fully invested in your child’s education. Nothing gives you that facade of rested and ready like your BFF, coffee.

(Image: Masson/Shutterstock)

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