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The 10 Best Things About Being A Working Mom

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shutterstock_43043968I recently talked about all of the stupid things no working mother wants to hear and it’s just so true- there are many detractors and lots of hurdles in the life of a working mom. However, there are also a lot of bright spots and reasons why it is actually kind of great to be a working mom. Now, this is not a slight toward stay-at-home moms because I was one of those for a while too and I know how difficult it can be. This post is just to pump up my fellow working mothers (whoop whoop) and to remind them that there are definitely some perks to our situation. See below for the 10 best things about being a working mom:

1. Lunch breaks and going to the bathroom alone.

There is a reason I listed this as #1. After three years at home with my small children, it was fabulous to be able to sit silently at my desk eating my lunch and playing on the internet. And there is something very liberating about deciding you have to poop and just going for it instead of settling small people in front of Sesame Street with a pile of Cheerios first.

2. You can make friends. Or at least there are grown-ups to talk to.

As long as you don’t work with giant ass-hats, you can make friends at work and have someone to talk to everyday. I have a work BFF and I would be lost without her- she has kids too and chatting with her is one of the best parts of my day. Getting to communicate with grown-ups at all is pretty thrilling after a few years of trying to make small talk with someone who reaches into their diaper to touch their own poop.

3. Making your own money is kind of awesome.

I know my husband never saw it that way, but when I was not working outside of the home, I felt like our money was not totally mine. I hesitated to spend much on myself because I felt guilty. Bringing home the bacon makes me feel more justified in getting the occasional pedicure or new outfit.

4. Getting out of the house every day and dressing nicely feels good.

I like leaving for work in the morning feeling put-together and halfway attractive. It gives me a sense of confidence.

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