Coffee Shop Owner Asks Mom With Kids To Leave And Crumb Shames Them On Facebook

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44576_589724621079193_266412243_nScones are messy! Are you with me people? As delicious as they are, scones are a crumbly, crumby mess and even adult sized human people can have issues being super tidy consuming one. At least I do. I usually consume my scones over the kitchen sink. Elegant, I know! A lot of baked goods are messy for little kids. And the owner of the Rainy Days Caffe in Washington’s Lake Stevens knows this all too well, because she recently had to boot out a military mom and her two small children because her kids got her freshly cleaned carpets all crumby.
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But it didn’t end there, because the owner of the cafe, Lorraine “Rainy” MacDuff, posted a photo of the mess the mom left on Facebook with the caption:

“Like to take a moment to thank our customers with small children whose kids don’t make a mess. A couple of ladies came in today and this is the mess their children made.”


But then she took to Facebook, deleted the photo and posted this apology, after numerous people complained on the cafe’s page:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.50.39 AM

From King 5:

We went inside, we ordered, everything was fine, and we sat down,” she said.  “I had my one-year-old in my lap and my three-year-old sitting in the chair next to me.”

She says they’d only been there for a few minutes when the owner walked up to the table and pointed at a pile of crumbs that had fallen to the floor while her kids ate the scones she had purchased.

“The woman came up and she basically told us there was going to be a worker coming over and she was going to vacuum up the mess and that they had just spent $50 cleaning the carpets and she didn’t appreciate us making such a mess, and that next time if we decided to come in, not to bring our kids.”

Kellea says she was dumbfounded by the comment, and left quickly with her children.


When my kids were little they left plenty of messes at restaurants. No matter how much I tried to keep them from doing so. I would always make a point of asking our server if they had a broom I could borrow or a rag and if they let me I would lean up whatever my kids had dropped on the floor. If the server refused to let me help I would always leave an extra large tip. Don’t most parents do that when their kids make a mess? It’s all so awkward that the cafe owner would post the image on Facebook because I’m sure it’s going to keep a lot of parents with small kids from visiting her cafe, or making those that do super paranoid while they are there. I guess it is her business and she can do whatever she wants, but as a parent I wouldn’t feel too relaxed or happy hanging out there.

Kids make messes, kids are messy, parents should try and minimize this mess and offer help when they can, and I think businesses should be a bit more careful about humiliating their customers.

But now I want a scone.

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