I Have So Much Sympathy For Kim Kardashian And Her ‘Watermelon Boobs’

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watermelon boobsThis little anecdote pisses me off so much because pregnant women have a hard enough time without their own mother sticking their stupid boob-shamey noses in their pregnant daughter’s face. I have yet to watch the Kris Jenner show, I have rarely seen Keeping Up With The Kardashians and it’s not like I’m a Kim Kardashian fan. But the minute I hear about some women being a total bitchface to someone about their pregnant body it makes me want to throat punch them, even if they are the MOTHER of said pregnant woman. From Hollywood Life:

Kim just can’t catch a break, not even from her own family! She is having a miserable time on the family vacation because she is so bloated and swollen. Kim’s boobs, just like all pregnant women, have increased in size. But instead of being sensitive to Kim right now, Kris jumps right in and basically attacks her boobs in front of the entire family.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. They’re two watermelons,” Kris says. “I don’t know how she goes day to day and carries those boobs around. You need a crane.”

How gross is that? What is wrong with this woman? Does she not have a single maternal bone in her body? As a woman who has breasts and who also had giant breasts during three pregnancies I can tell you it can be super uncomfortable. Your back hurts. You worry constantly about showing too much cleavage. Your breasts are swore and swollen and can be extremely hard to deal with. For her own mom to call her out like that in front of family members when, may I add, Kim was alone and Kanye was in Paris is just so yucky. man, I’m totally on Team Kim right now until she does something really obnoxious and sells the baby pictures of North West for a billion dollars and doesn’t donate the money to charity.

Poor thing. Her momster needs a lesson in being a decent mother.

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