The Professional Kate Middleton Lookalike Has A Fancy Prince George Doll But She’s Not Using It On Gigs

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royal baby picsLast we heard from Heidi Agan, the professional Kate Middleton lookalike and mother of two, she was testing out her prosthetic baby bumps to keep up with the duchess’s pregnancy. But now that Royal Bump Watch is over and Prince George is among us, naturally Heidi has procured a doll as well. But she’s not so keen on taking it with her to the metaphoric office.

Following the princeling’s birth, Heidi was the proud recipient of a limited edition “Polo playing” Prince George doll from Zapf Creations. Daily Mail reports that there are only three of these coveted Prince George dolls in existence, one of which was sent to Kate Middleton and Prince William (STUNT BABY!). Heidi is apparently thrilled with her gift:

“I think it’s a real blessing – especially knowing that Kate has one, too. I have something she owns and, in a letter which accompanied the doll, Zapf explain that they wanted Kate and I to share that bond. It’s so special that they even thought to send me one. There are three in the world and I would never have thought to have got one. I’m a very lucky girl.”

But don’t expect to see this limited edition Prince George with Heidi on the princess trail. She’s keeping her “bond” with Kate Middleton neat and pristine, which means in the box he stays:

“It’s a beautiful doll but I won’t be using it on jobs,’ she laughed. ‘It’s way too valuable for that. I’ll be keeping it safe instead as I think it’s a real collector’s item. I don’t want it to get ruined.”

Instead, Heidi has been using other babies in addition to real babies (?) on her jobs. According to her, plenty of people glance over at her in her princess getup and baby and think, oh there’s K Middy on “a stroll around the park with Prince George.” Somebody at Buckingham Palace needs to hire this lady and her limited edition Prince George doll for top secret princess diversions.

(photo: WENN)