Unbelievably Awful: Teens Murdered Two Men, Had Sex On The Bodies And Then Played Grand Theft Auto

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Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 8.37.02 AMOn January 10th in Joliet, Illinois, two men were robbed and strangled to death. Police chief Mike Strafton has said  “I think you need to know this is one of the most brutal, heinous, really upsetting things that (I’ve seen) in 27 years of law enforcement, It is the worst thing I’ve come across in my career.” Reading about this case I would have to believe that statement. A group of four people, Adam Landerman,19, Bethany McKee, 18, Joshua Miner, 24 and Alisa Massaro,18, invited the victims Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins, both age 22, over to a house for a sex and drugs party. The group of teens planned to rob the victims, because they believed they carried “a lot of money on them.” According to the Joliet Patch:

Massaro reportedly told police McKee knew a man who sold drugs and “kept a lot of money on him.” Detectives asked her what she meant by a “lot of money,” and she “stated approximately $100.”

I think this is a very interesting fact in the case. These teens, and the one 24-year-old, did what they did because of $100. So the four invite the two over for a party. They instruct the two to bring weed and booze, and that sex would be had at the party.

Miner reportedly told police he was on the floor with Massaro and McKee was on a bed fooling around with the “bald” guest, Rankins. McKee told him to stop, Miner said in a report, but Rankins pulled her pants off, prompting Miner to get up and say, “You f—— n—–, get off her.”

“Miner then punched him in the side of the head,” a report said.

In the ensuing fight, Miner choked Rankins until he went limp, according to the police report. While Miner and Rankins were grappling, Glover kicked Miner in the head, according to the police report, and Adam Landerman then grabbed Glover and choked him to death as well.

After the victims were dead previous reports had stated that the group had simply hung around and played video games while the corpses lay dead on the living room floor. But according to these new reports, things got much, much worse.

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