This Poor Toddler Survived a Week Alone in Her Crib After Her Grandmother Suddenly Died at Home

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baby-in-cribIn a story that is pure nightmare fodder, a 15-month-old girl was left trapped in her crib alone, with no food or water, for up to a solid week after her guardian–her grandmother–died in the home and nobody noticed.

According to Yahoo Parenting, Brier Ineichen’s mother, Tracy, is currently incarcerated. Brier has been living with Tracy’s mother, Annette. But last week Annette and Brier did not show up for visiting hours, and Tracy got worried. She called her boyfriend, Anthony Waldo, and asked him to go make sure everything was OK at Annette’s house. 

When he got to the house, he found the doors locked and there was no answer, but from the window he could see Brier in her crib.

“Brier was in her crib, and she stood up, heard my voice, and kind of reached out to me,” Waldo says. “I told Tracy, ‘I see Brier,’ and she said, ‘Break that door down.’”

When Waldo got into the house, he found Annette dead. Authorities say they think she died of a medical issue, but the cause of death is not yet know. Waldo says that when he found Brier, she was so dehydrated she couldn’t even cry. (The baby in the photo accompanying this post is a stock photography model and not Brier Ineichen.)

Brier was taken to a children’s hospital to be treated for malnutrition and dehydration, but she has since been released and is going to be just fine. Waldo is trying to get custody of Brier while her mother is still in prison.

It is as yet unclear when Annette died and how long Brier was trapped alone in her crib with no food or water, but authorities say it looks like it could have been up to seven whole days. That poor baby. It’s tough to say that this story has a happy ending–Tracy’s mother is still dead–but it could have been so much worse.

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