7 Times Cloth Diapers Are Actually The Worst

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smiling-baby-wearing-cloth-diaperWhen I had my first child, I was committed to doing everything the ‘right’ way. I planned to breastfeed, cloth diaper, make my own baby food, and use only homemade or all-natural baby products. As you can probably imagine, those goals lasted about a week before I had to get real about which commitments I could and could not keep.

I kept cloth diapers around and actually used them for about the first six months, but after that I reached a point where I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to switch to disposables, or else I’d end up throwing a diaper pail through the baby’s bedroom window. There are a lot of things I love about cloth diapers, and they’re a great option for people who enjoy them, but they’re certainly not for everyone. Here are 7 times cloth diapers are seriously the worst:

1. When your parents babysit.


It’s exactly like the first time they used an iPhone, but with poop. Either they can’t figure out why they’re so different from cloth diapers of yore, or they’ve never seen a cloth diaper in their life and won’t stop rolling them up and shoving them in a Diaper Genie no matter how many times you explain the process.

2. When you’re out in public.


It’s so easy, says the internet. Just bring a wetbag. It works out perfectly until you forget that wetbag and have to walk around with a 4-pound piss bomb rolled up and stinking in a pocket of the diaper bag. Also, public cloth diaper poops are the worst, most inconvenient thing ever. Sorry, not sorry.

3. When you get your water bill.


My water bill doubled when we started using cloth diapers. Sure, disposables are expensive, but you’re not really saving money on cloth if it’s all going into your washing machine. Or your dryer. Or extra laundry soap. Or a diaper service. Ahh, screw it.

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