Kelly Osbourne Comforted a Young Boy Who Was Bullied for His Pink Hair

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It’s always nice to know that celebrities can be humble. Kelly Osbourne reached out to a bullied boy in Massachusetts who was teased about having pink hair. Jacob Shelsy went with his older sister Courtney to pick up her car from the auto body shop were it was being worked on and things went downhill from there. Courtney Shelsy shared the story on Facebook and the story spread quickly though the community. They gone to pick up the car after getting Jacob’s hair done when the man working at the auto body shop had something to Jacob about his hair.

“After my car was done, all the man had to do was ask for my payment and return my keys. But instead he turned to Jacob and rubbed his newly pink dyed hair and told him that wasn’t okay, that’s what girls do and he guesses ‘some types of guys’ (with a noticeable eye roll).”

Courtney added that as they were leaving, the man called “Bye Mary” out to Jacob repeatedly.

That is ridiculous. A. GROWN. MAN. He was harassing a child. That’s really mature isn’t it? Courtney was obviously heartbroken for her little brother who had not just dyed his hair pink because he thought it was cool, but because of breast cancer awareness. It is absolutely awful that an adult was so threatened by a child that he had to make fun of him. I hope that the jerk lost his job because that’s so awful. So, Courtney wanted to do something nice for her little brother.

A local police officer named Darren Derby saw the Facebook post, which has now been shared over 1400 times and knew that he had to help the bullied boy. Officer Derby, who admitted that he had been bullied as a child himself says that he a “big fan of the underdog” and will do anything to help them out. So Derby reached out to his friend and neighbor, America’s Next Top Model contestant Phil Sullivan to see if there was something special that they could to make Jacob feel better. Phil Sullivan reached out to his friend Kelly Osbourne and put her in touch with Jacob and his family.

Kelly Osbourne shared a video of her Skype conversation with Jacob and it was very sweet.

Kelly told Jacob that she once had hair like his (flashback to 2002) which made him smile. She was thrilled to hear that he dyed his hair for breast cancer awareness, telling him that her mom Sharon had breast cancer and calling him a “beautiful human being.” She also told him that he was a “free spirit” and added that “people are afraid of what they don’t know,” which is so totally right.

It seems that talking to Kelly has really raised Jacob and his family’s spirits and that is all that really matters. Good on her for that!

(Image: Facebook / Courtney Shelsy; Facebook / Kelly Osbourne)