Hidden Rainbow Hair is the Best Way to Fulfill Your Lisa Frank Dreams While Still Looking ‘Professional’ at Work

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Raise your hands if you’ve ever wanted wild, unnaturally colored hair, and raise your middle fingers if someone has ever told you that you can’t have pink hair when you’re a mom. Eff your mom standards.

Hidden rainbows are all the London rage right now. #hiddenrainbowhair #hiddenrainbow #rainbow #rainbowhair by Carla

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That’s why I’m currently obsessed with this “hidden rainbow” hair, which is a secret way to have Rainbow Brite hair while still being able to fake a “professional” look for a conservative workplace. The photos of this new style have been coming out from a London salon called Not Another Salon, and they are totally amazing. 

Stay tuned for the final results later today 🙂 #rainbowhair #hiddenrainbow #hiddenrainbowhair by Seniour colourist Carla

A photo posted by Not Another Salon (@notanothersalon) on

When carefully hidden beneath a layer of “natural” colored hair, the rainbow remains invisible until the top part is lifted up. Work conference in the front, party in the back.

On top of all that, toddlers will love this. It’s a hidden rainbow! It’s like mom is a secret My Little Pony. OK, if you have teenagers you might get some surly teenage eye rolls, but a woman cannot live her life dodging surly teenage eye rolls. Those come for us all. (I used to give my mother loads of shit about “age appropriate” dressing. Like, I told her she was too old to wear tennis skirts, even though she was playing tennis. And she was younger than I am now, and if someone told me I were too old for mini skirts, I would go buy a pair of gold stretchy hotpants from American Apparel.)

There will be people who say rainbow hair is not appropriate for moms. They’re probably the same people who say you shouldn’t have long hair after 35 or mini skirts after 30. Those people suck. Don’t listen to them.

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