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15 Amazing Rainbow Hair Looks That Will Have You Rushing to the Salon

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Remember being a little girl and having one of those cool dolls whose hair you could change with a wet brush? I had one, and I envied the hell out of those cute streaks of pink and purple. My mother was not about that multi-colored hair life though, and I was not allowed to dye my hair as a teen. And while I still’t really bother with dyeing my own, I have a fondness for seeing folks with brightly-colored tresses, especially rainbow hair.

If you’re looking for some hair-spiration, check out these amazing rainbow hair looks as seen on Instagram.

1. How About a Super Cute Cotton Candy Rainbow of Curls Atop Your Head?

Light on your head, light in your soul.


2. Or Go a Bit Tropical With Parrot-Themed Rainbow Hair

It’s for the birds.

3. For Those Looking to Rainbow on the Sly

A hidden panel of color is a fun and subtle way to go.


4. But Some Gals Prefer Going Bold

Rock it, girl.


5. A Rainbow Pixie Cut Is a Totally Solid Option

It’s the summer, after all.


6. Rainbow Braids? Totally a Thing

Love how the colors interlace.


7. Maybe a Rainbow in Balayage Style Is More Your Thing

This look is everything.

8. Dark Earth Tone Rainbows Offers a Totally Fierce Look

You can totally be a punk rock wood nymph with this.


9. Boys Love Rainbows Too (And a Side Shave Is a Nice Touch)

Rainbows know no gender.


10. A Rainbow Colored Curly Fro Is Beyond Magical

Can we get more women of color in on the Instagram rainbow hair train though?


11. Pale Rainbows For Kiddos, Anyone?

Never too soon!

12. Find A Rainbow, Then Add A…Pizza?

I mean, if unique is what you’re going for, this is definitely that.


13. Who Ever Said You Needed Long Hair To Dye It Rainbow?

Great for Pride, but also great any other time of the year, too.


14. Love This Subtle Rainbow Up-Do

Bits of bright color peaking out from underneath the brunette.


15. And Last But Certainly Not Least: Rainbow Locs

Rainbows go with every damn thing.

Which is your favorite look? Let us know in the comments and share a photo with us if you have rainbow hair!

(Image: YouTube / Guy Tang)