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Grab Your Pitchforks, Internet, Because This Cool Mom Gave Her Toddler Pink Hair

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Felicity LeBlanc is the happiest two-year-old in the entire world, because her mom just let her dye her hair hot pink, and she looks absolutely thrilled about it. Of course, now her mother, model and Instagram star  Charity Grace LeBlanc, is catching a lot of heat from the comments section, because if the world doesn’t like it when moms have pink hair, they really, really don’t like it when toddlers have pink hair.

LeBlanc posted a video of Felicity’s hair transformation Instagram, explaining that Felicity has been asking for pink hair for a while now. LeBlanc appears to change hair colors regularly, and Felicity must be very used to the idea of changing one’s hair color for fun by now. So Felicity wanted her hair to be pink, and like many cool moms before her–including Gwen Stefani, who let her blond son dye his hair blue–LeBlanc said yes.

LeBlanc posted a video to YouTube and to Instagram to show how she dyed Felicity’s hair. Felicity started out blonde, so there was no bleach involved in the process. LeBlanc just used a basic Manic Panic pink hair dye that she says is gentle and safe for kids.

Manic Panic is a semi-permanent hair color, so it washed out in a few days.  Manic Panic says its hair dye lasts about 4-6 weeks, though that depends a lot on how often it is washed, and the color lasts longer on bleached hair than on unbleached hair.

Of course, a lot of people on Instagram had a real problem with this, for multiple reasons varying from “she was cuter with blonde hair” to “the dye will make all her hair fall out.”

pink hair don't care

A lot of the commenters seemed to think the hair dye is harsh and dangerous, prompting the makers of Manic Panic to stop by in the comments to say that their dye is safe, conditioning, and vegan, and there’d be no danger when applying it directly to the hair follicles.


Others disagree with LeBlanc’s choice on the grounds that their mothers wouldn’t have let them dye their hair as children, and clearly all of us must base our parenting decisions on what katt_1023’s mom did. pink-hair7


Of course, there were quite a few responses from the “this is just wrong because I say so and you’re an idiot” category. pink-hair6 pinkhair-5 pinkhair4 pink-hair-3 pink-hair-2

LeBlanc’s hair is blue and Felicity’s is back to blonde, but neither of them seem to care too much about the criticism. Felicity is all, “pink hair, don’t care.” And it’s adorable.

What do you think of a toddler with pink hair? Let us know in the comments.

(H/T CafeMom; Image: Instagram / Charity.Grace)