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10 Things I Will Never Get To As A Work-At-Home Mom

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Up until now, the Mommyish community has only known me as a working mom. Ahem, a mom who works outside of the home, that is. Today marks my official first day as a work-at-home mom. In the last few weeks as I finished out my notice at my previous job, I crafted all sorts of to-do lists and fantasized about all that I will get done now that I am not out of my house 10 hours every weekday. Of course, I will still be working and I know I will be busy so this is all very likely a pipe dream. These magical to-do lists and big ambitions will now morph into my list of things I will never get to as a work-at-home mom:

1. Organize The Bad Closet


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You know the one- where you move one thing and the whole mountain of junk comes tumbling down? I figured I would devote an afternoon to that some day soon but in reality, I am dreading it to the point where I will find any excuse not to tackle it.

2. Go To The Gym Everyday


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My husband goes to work a bit later in the morning so I have big plans of hitting the gym at dawn every day, before the kids even wake up. I actually did it today but I’m positive this will fizzle out soon because, exhausted.

3. Do The Seasonal Wardrobe Purge On Time


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Every year, I find myself weeding our summer clothes out of our drawers sometime in late November. Considering I live in NY and it’s already 40-50 degrees most mornings I thought I might try to do it on time this year. Very likely will not happen and I will have to keep fighting my kids every morning when they pull tank tops and shorts out to wear to school in October.

4. Cook Dinners From Scratch


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This one is very important to me because for the last four years, I have gotten home somewhere in the neighborhood of 6pm every night and with homework, baths and story time, I have not had much time to cook “real” food. Even if not from scratch, I am really hoping to at least limit frozen waffles for dinner to only once a week instead of our typical two.

5. Meet Friends For Coffee


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I have several friends who either don’t work or have part-time jobs. I am hoping to carve out time once a week to have a post-dinner coffee with someone but I know it won’t happen because that would mean leaving the house in something other than yoga pants.

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