Sexual Predators Are Working In NYC City Schools Because It’s Impossible To Fire Them

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Child Sexual Predators NYC SchoolsNew York is one of the best cities in the world but it’s a city I’m all too happy my kids don’t attend public school in because it sounds like they have a raging sexual predator problem on their hands. It’s not just that awful Anthony Criscuolo who was accused last week of raping a ten-year-old student, but according to a new report from The Parent’s Transparency Project, led by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown, officials tried to fire 128 school staffers for sexual misconduct or inappropriate relationships with students since 2007 — but only 33 educators were actually fired. According to the New York Daily news:

Former Stuyvesant High School librarian Christopher Asch was busted by city Education Department officials for “inappropriate touching” in 2010. During the investigation, Asch admitted he attended two meetings of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, which advocates for legal sex between men and young boys.

But a state hearing officer gave Asch only a six-month suspension.

 I don’t know about you, but I would definitely not want anyone associated with NAMBLA coming anywhere near any of my children. But that’s not the worst of it:


Asch was later arrested as part of the “cannibal cop” probe, and was charged with plotting to kidnap, torture and rape women and children.

He’s now finally off the city payroll.


According to the article, the reason why so many of these creeps are allowed to continue working in the school district is because laws that would enable city education officials the power to fire these predators instead of state hearing officers has been stalled since 2012. So until then parents get to have their kids in contact with people like:

Andrew Troup of PS 96 in the Bronx was accused ot telling a student he loved her and dreamed about her, and of showing up at her house. Troup’s arbitrator thought he was too friendly with the girl, but didn’t cross a line, and instead found he was a “valuable assset to the school.”

Willy Laraque, a gym teacher at George Washington Carver High School in Queens, allegedly bent a kid over a chair and thrust at him from behind, saying, “I’ll show you what it is to be gay.” An arbitrator said his conduct was “unbecoming a professional and constitutes misconduct,” but didn’t believe it rose to a fireable offense.

The Parents Transparency Project is set to launch a new ad campaign that will pressure union leaders, city officials and state lawmakers. It makes me wonder what sort of people are teaching my kids even though I don’t live in NYC. The majority of teachers are amazing, wonderful people who work for little pay and little appreciation, and it’s awful to think about the horrible ones who do things like the teachers mentioned above. I think parents have a right to know who are kids are being exposed to and schools have to do everything in their power to terminate teachers who are a risk to kids. It’s amazing to me that some of these creeps still have jobs.

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