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12 Sad Sack #MomLife Tweets That Redefine Mommy Martyr

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Sometimes being a mom is so HARD. Hashtags used appropriately on Twitter are also really HARD. When you mix the two, what do you get? You have a perfect storm of mommy martyrdom on your hands.

I personally like searching for mom-specific hashtags because it churns up some of the funniest shit. You may find moms bitching about their crazy kids or whining about life’s daily stresses or waxing poetic about the beauty of God’s lil’ miracles. I’m not saying I’m above it; I just find it utterly entertaining.

If you don’t believe me, just take a moment to peruse these super amazing #momlife tweets written by real-life mommy martyrs. If you’re questioning if you are a mommy martyr, then you probably are not. I love complaining with the best of them, but mommy martyrs take the “sad sack mom” status to a whole new level.

A regular day filled with baby shit and endless crying becomes the day from hell in social media. A night spent nursing a restless teething baby becomes an instant advertisement for how hard undocumented #momlife really is.

Here’s a little secret from one mom to another: #momlife isn’t really that hard, but it can be annoying. You may be able to rein in your frustration with a healthy outlet, like yoga or venting to a trusted friend. Or, you can follow in the footsteps of these mommy martyrs and take to Twitter so that everyone can understand what your #misunderstood #momlife is all about:

1. Moms’ Signature Perfume.


2. Moms Will Never Sleep In Again.


3. Daddy Always Wins.


4. Moms Never Shower Alone.


5. Mom Is Synonymous With Bodily Fluids.


6. Super Happy Fantastic Mom Declaration!


7. Moms Clearly Have No Life.


8. A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds.


9. A Mother’s Work Is Never Done.


10. #LoveMyBoys


11. Moms Never Get A Break.


12. Moms Really NEVER Get A Break.


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