Emily Niland Just Made Our Day With Orange Is The New Black Paper Dolls

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I came across these just moments ago and begged Bambi to let me post a quickie for you guys and I have NO parenting angle but I do! Because! Paper dolls are for you and me and girls and kids and daughters and sons so teach your kids all about prison by printing out these amazing paper dollies that illustrator Emily Niland has on her tumblr page! It’s dolls based on all of our favorite TV show!

tumblr_mrgeyiugNE1s5pdf0o5_1280(Image: Tumblr)

The only issue I have with this is there are no Pennsatucky dollies (YET) and I so wanna make the Red paper dolls be mean to Pennsatucky but maybe Emily plans on adding more in the future. You can see all of her adorable collection here.

According to her website, Emily is in Brooklyn which means Koa can mayhaps bribe her to make us some by giving her cake and fabulous prizes! As long as there is NO Larry, because who needs Larry? I do not! Unless I wanted to make the Larry one walk around and be all ME ME ME I AM WRITING ABOUT ME BY WRITING ABOUT YOU WHO CARES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PRISON ISSUES WHAT ABOUT MEEEEE? 

And she also has the OITNB paper dolls for sale as prints! 

Can I get away buying these and hanging them in my daughter’s bedroom?

Please say yes.

(Images: Emily Niland)