Suri Cruise Could Maybe, Kinda, Sorta Get The Little Sibling She’s Always Dreamed Of

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katie holmesBack when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were happily married, I remember a huge fuss being made about the possibility of a sibling for little Suri. In fact, I remember mommy outrage because Holmes dared to suggest that she would have another child partially because Suri would really like a brother or sister. Well, the rumors are back that Suri might finally get the sibling she desires.

The possibility of the world’s most talked about celebrity offspring getting a brother or sister is still pretty slim, my friends. Katie didn’t say that she had some sort of plan in the works. She didn’t even say it was something she definitely wanted for the future. In an interview with Allure, she simply said, “I’m open to it.” That was enough to get people salivating over the idea of a mini-Suri to critique and turn into a caricature of celebrity childhood.

Yup, “I’m open to it,” is all that our obsessed media culture needs to make a story and run with it. For what it’s worth, Holmes also mentioned that she liked the idea of becoming a lawyer. So that might be just as likely as Suri having a younger brother or sister. But if Holmes becomes a lawyer in Ohio, will we get to stop obsessing over whether or not she has another child? Just wondering.

I’m interested to see where tabloids will run with this story. Now that Katie has reopened the possibility of future children, can we expect the bump watch to start? Or do we think that celeb tabloids will create an entire new secret relationship for the actress, to go along with that baby they’ll start obsessing over?

Just think about all the “Spoiled, Jealous Suri” stories they could concoct when the new little one comes along. Really, this could be the beginning of a tabloid heyday. Let’s tuck in folks.