Kids Who Dressed Up As Columbine Killers for Halloween Find Themselves in a Whole Lot of Trouble

invisible manIt has been a long time since I was a teenager, but I seem to recall that it was basically like going through life with your brain having been replaced by a bad idea generator. Two kids in Connecticut are facing the consequences of that this week after they are facing felony charges and expulsion for the terminally stupid move of dressing up as the Columbine killers for their school’s Halloween and allegedly making a threat.

According to the New York Times, two teenagers in Litchfield, Connecticut–a town about an hour away from Newton, where the Sandy Hook massacre took place in 2012–went to the Halloween party wearing black trench coats and glasses. According to their lawyer, they were wearing “distasteful” costumes but did not have anything on them that could conceivably be used as a weapon.

According to the boys’ lawyer, some other kids approached and said that the kids looked like the Columbine killers. One said the two were probably planning on shooting up the school.

”There was a sarcastic response to that, and that was basically the end of it,” the boys’ lawyer maintains.

But one of the students told her parents about the costumes and the “sarcastic response,” and the parents called the police. That’s a pretty reasonable reaction. I’m pretty sure most of us would do the same if one of our children came home and said that another teen had made a comment about shooting people at school.

In response to whatever was allegedly said to the other students, State Police investigated the teens’ homes and their cell phones.

”Nothing was found in either boy’s home that could in any way give credence to what they claim the boys were going to do,” the boys’ lawyer said.

The two teens have been charged with inciting injury to persons or property, a felony, and breach of peace, a misdemeanor. They did not receive any weapons charges.

Litchfield Public Schools superintendent, Lynn K. McMullin, said ”there was no credible threat and students were never in physical danger.” Still, the teens are being threatened with expulsion over their terrible, tacky costumes and alleged threats.

Both boys are currently suspended and have not been back at school since the incident. They were in juvenile detention, but were released to their parents after a hearing on Thursday.

“I think it was a very bad Halloween costume two kids thought of that they never thought of the consequences,” the boys’ lawyer said. ”Both boys are so remorseful for their stupidity.”

(Photo: Vika Valter/iStockPhoto/Getty Images)

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