Object Of My Affection: Balance Bikes For Kids On The Move

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Judging by the vicious workout my 6-month-old already gives his Jolly Jumper, I’ll be able to ditch my gym membership as soon as he can move because I’ll be spending the next five years keeping him from suddenly hurling himself into traffic.

I’ve already got my eye on BIT, this groovy, futuristic balance bike from Glodos. Balance bikes are all the rage in my Park Slope-esque hood. Their claim to fame being that they help very small kids — as young as 18 months — learn to balance and hence sometimes skip the humiliating training wheel stage of their biking life altogether.

The BIT bike’s curved wood and technicolor, extra-wide wheel (in hot pink, bright blue, green or orange) will make me feel better that secretly I’m just training my baby for his first paper route to support his expensive tastes. Bonus? The handlebars morph into a convenient carrying handle and also a practical hanger in small spaces, and the whole thing comes in a carrying bag.

From 18 months to three years old; arout $130.