19 Cheap Baby Products That Are Total Game Changers

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Cheap baby products can have more than one use.

cheap baby products

Image: Amazon

Sure, you can buy a bunch of different single-use items. OR, you can shop smart and buy a pack of these Bright Starts Lots of Links. These things are awesome. They can be used as toys (like a little link puzzle!), teething babies can chew on them, and you can use them to keep stuff attached to the car seat, stroller, play mat, whatever. One pack comes with 24 links, and it’s just $4.19 on Amazon! That’s a steal. You can also get a bundle for $10.99, and it comes with 24 links, a spinning rattle toy, and three teething toys. At that price, you won’t even be mad when you lose a couple, and with 24 in one pack, you definitely have some to spare.

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