STFU Parents: The Various Ways To Announce You’re Pregnant On Facebook, Part II

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If there’s one thing most parents can agree on in 2014, it’s the importance of an artfully crafted pregnancy announcement on Facebook. When I first tackled this unavoidable subject two years ago, we saw examples like the ever-popular Prego spaghetti sauce announcement (which still makes no sense), and talked about whether a person can have “too many” sonogram pictures on her page (answer: yes). Since then, the thought and effort that parents-to-be put into their pregnancy announcements has managed to ramp up on social platforms, because you can never have too much of a good thing. Plus, by now most parents have caught on to the fact that pregnancy announcements on social media are the first truly demonstrative acts of love for their child that the public will see, so it’s crucial to win over friends and family by the second trimester. Parents must communicate that yes, they’re having a baby, but also that they have a great sense of humor, are culturally in tune, hip to the latest trends, and really, REALLY want to celebrate this new life with their entire social network.

It’s not that I don’t understand the impulse behind announcing a pregnancy in a fun and creative way. I do, and plenty of Facebook users think a major announcement warrants custom flair. But sometimes people post things that make you wonder why. Or rather, who. Who art directed this? Who made these composition choices? Are attention-grabbing pregnancy announcements just harmlessly amusing, or are they arguably self-serving and obnoxious? Read the second installment of this ongoing “trend journalism” series, and decide for yourself.

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