Moms Are Using This Frozen-Aisle Food To Relieve Their Engorged Boobs

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woman breastfeeding

Image: iStock / tatyana_tomsickova

There’s really nothing better than a solid life or parenting hack, right? Something someone stumbled upon that made their life infinitely better, so they graciously shared it with the rest of us. A good parenting hack makes your life better, without a lot of effort. It can be something like re-purposing wipe containers, or even putting your toddler’s pajamas on backwards so they can’t unzip them. A lot of times, parents stumble upon hacks completely by mistake, which makes them even more genius! The latest parenting hack is for all our breastfeeding mamas out there, and requires your kids’s favorite after-school snack. Who knew that Smuckers Uncrustables were more than just a frozen sandwich?!

Twitter user @JaydeDonovan shared her hack for Smuckers Uncrustables, and we’re all over here getting mad that we never though of this when we were nursing our babies.

This mom (who should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize) put frozen Smuckers Uncrustables in her bra to soothe her sore boobies. And honestly, it is GENIUS. If you’ve ever breastfed a baby before, then you know that the boob pain is real. They get engorged, your nipples get chapped and cracked, and it can generally just be painful AF. A common treatment for relief is to place cold compresses on your boobs in twenty-minute intervals. But those don’t result in a perfectly-thawed snack after the twenty minutes is up, so really, what’s the point? If you use a frozen snack, then it thaws out while it’s soothing your boobies, and you have a ready-to-go snack right there in your bra. Genius!

But why stop at Smuckers Uncrustables? There are plenty of ice pack/snacks in your freezer.

You could do frozen waffles or pancakes, or even a frozen personal pizza! We recommend popping that one in the oven when you’re done, though. Your boobs might be hot, but they’re not THAT hot. Plenty of people swear by bags of frozen vegetables like peas. But those are bulky, you know? You can’t really stroll out of the house with two bags on Jolly Green Giant veggie medley in your bra. Single-serving frozen items that don’t need to be reheated are the perfect size and level of convenience to use as an ice pack for your boobs. Don’t bother spending money on special ice packs made just for boobs. You’ve got all you need right in your freezer at home.

But your kids might wonder why all the Smuckers Uncrustables are suddenly gone. And they may look at you in horror when you pull one out of your bra to give to them on the way to soccer practice. Totally worth it, though.