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5 Father’s Day Gifts for the Kick-Ass Single Mom in Your Life

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, so the internet is rife with gift guides and ideas for the dads in your life. But, since this is Mommyish, we’re going to do things a bit differently. Now before you get your panties in a wad, I’m not suggesting we ignore Father’s Day. Celebrate your dads! But I also want to acknowledge that this day can be hard for families without a dad. It can be particularly hard for single moms. Those moms who are mom AND dad, and have to spend a whole day hearing about how great other fathers are. So if you’re a single mom, or know one or two, remember that this Father’s Day. And use the money you’ll save on a gift for a dad and get yourself one of these Father’s Day gifts for kick-ass single moms.

Father’s Day gifts for single moms can be pretty much anything. Forget the schmaltz of Mother’s Day! Getchu something amazing and useful, like this portable espresso machine.

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Image: Nanopresso

The Nanopresso by Wacaco is freaking AMAZING. Moms are always on the go, and single moms rarely stop moving and grooving. With an overall length of just over six inches and weighing less than a pound, this little bad boy can fit in your purse or diaper bag or briefcase, so you’ll always have that sweet, sweet nectar at your fingertips. The Nanopresso works with finely ground coffee, and can hold up to 2.70 fluid ounces of water. After use, every component of the tiny espresso maker comes apart for easy cleaning. Seriously, I need one of these. We all need one of these. The best part? It’s only $65.

It can be so hard to not have someone around all the time to talk to and lean on. A pretty journal where you can put your thoughts is a great way to release it all.

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Image: Amazon

Sometimes you just need to vent, and when there’s no one else around but your kids, writing down your feelings and fears is a healthy release. This journal from Amazon will allow you to get it all out before you reach THAT point.

You’re going to need a new mug for all that delicious espresso you’ll be making for yourself.

father;s day gifts

Image: Etsy/MikaMugs

I see no lies here! To all the moms who do it all, including being dad, I raise this mug from Etsy shop MikaMugs to you.

Need a gift idea for your own single mama? Show her how much you appreciate her with this t-shirt.

father's day gifts

Image: Etsy

Small kids may not quite understand yet how amazing their single mom is, but if you have a single mom and your own internet connection and money source, acknowledge her on Father’s Day with this tee from Etsy shop MilkyWayTshirts.

Father’s Day gifts for single moms don’t have to be practical, or even reference that you’re a single mom. Get yourself something unnecessary and fancy and beautiful. Use this holiday to start the bar cart of your dreams.

father's day gifts

Image: Amazon

You guys, this decanter set is STUNNING. I don’t even drink scotch but I will start just to have this thing on my bar cart. Sip your favorite liquor while lounging on the couch, and marveling at how fucking amazing you are.

Father’s Day gifts for single moms can be whatever you want them to be. And again, don’t ignore your dad in Father’s Day, if you have one. But don’t forget the women in your life who made it all happen, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. They deserve some love next Sunday, too.

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