Derick Dillard Says He Wasn’t Fired by TLC, Confirms Jill Won’t Be Returning

After TLC announced a couple of months ago that Derick Dillard would not longer be a part of Counting On, speculation has swirled around Jill Duggar’s role in the show. Derick was fired following his transphobic attack on Jazz Jennings, whose show also runs on the network. Now Derick is speaking out about being fired, claiming he was never actually part of the show to begin with, and confirming that Jill will not be returning when the next season premieres.

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Derick and Jill (Duggar) Dillard have been an integral part of Counting On since the start of the show. Fans saw them get married, welcome their first son, and go on a “mission trip” to Central America.

It seemed obvious that once Derick was fired, Jill’s role in the show would diminish. The Duggars are all about marriage, so we couldn’t see her continue on without her husband. But now Derick is saying that he wasn’t fired. According to Derick, he left the show voluntarily, saying that other members of the Duggar family are going in a different direction. Even more, he’s claiming that he was never an official part of the show to begin with.

Considering that he would have had to sign a contract with the network in order for them to use his likeness in episodes and promos, we’re calling a whole bunch of bullshit.

TV shows don’t work like a mom-and-pop shop, Derick. TLC couldn’t legally film you and use the footage without a contract in place. And if you’ve been paid for your time on the show, guess what? You worked for the show!

Let me find a “fake job” that pays me 25k an episode, damn.

Followers weren’t buying what Derick was selling either. Rather than just admit he’d been released from the show, he has to go on some weird tirade about how he was never on the show.

When asked by a fan if that means he and Jill would not be returning to Counting On, Derick was pretty straight-forward in his response.

We’re not sure what’s up next for Derick and Jill, but it seems stupid to walk away from that kind of money. Especially when your fallback is to beg for money on the internet.

(Image: Facebook/Jill Dillard)

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