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10 Ridiculous Ways To Carry Your Baby Down The Aisle

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Hey, guess what? It’s 2014, and no one cares if you’ve had a baby out of wedlock. Or, maybe you’re divorced and are trying to figure out a way to incorporate your young children into your second wedding. Good for you. If you want your kids to participate in your ceremony, then you need to figure out how to get them down the aisle in style.

Most importantly, don’t be boring. Take a cue from the most amazing bride of all time who ATTACHED her baby to her train and dragged it down the aisle behind her (in the first photo below). I give this woman all of the points for creativity and effort. She also makes me wish that I had my children before I got married so that I could have sewn their cute little outfits directly into my wedding dress and shuffled down the aisle with babies attached to my back. I’m super jealous of her entire wedding extravaganza.

If you want to think outside the box and include your baby in your wedding in a unique way, here are 10 awesome ideas for you. Bet you can’t pick just one…

1. ALL HAIL The Creative Bride Who Started It All. #JesusBeASwiffer



2. A Super Elaborate Carriage Is… Kinda Cute.

3. He Has No Effing Clue What’s Going On, But At Least He’s There.

4. Decorate That Stroller And Make The Ring Bearer Do The Grunt Work.

5. More Stroller Action With Free Advertising.

6. This Is A Two-Fer: Let’s Hope They Play Nice.

7. Pet Bouquet OR Baby Bouquet? Take Your Pick.

8. Now Imagine This With A Two-Year-Old And A Toddler Leash.

9. Fur Baby In A Wagon, Why Not?

10. This Would Be Cuter With Twins.