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10 Obnoxious Onesies You Should Not Put On Your Baby

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We all know that babies can’t read and sometimes, it is very funny to put them in a onesie that says something silly that will make all of the literate people who see it laugh. I know we had a few for our kids given to us as gifts and it was amusing to put it on our innocent and clueless baby while we took pictures and giggled at their baby naivete.

The problem is, there is a line that parents should not cross into a place where you are not being clever or cute- you are being flat-out obnoxious. I have found some seriously disturbing onesies that prove my point- it is a very fine distinction between funny and obnoxious. Don’t be the parent that blurs it.

1. Ew. Just ew.



Any onesie that forces your friends and family to picture you getting all horned up from Twilight fan fiction is just bad.

2. No One Wants To Think Of Your Husband Farting


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The only thing worse than forcing people to picture your Sexy Time is forcing them to picture your bodily functions.

3. Because Passing Out Drunk Is Hilarious


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Call me no fun at all, but having known people that had terrible things happen to them while passed out drunk, I am thinking it in poor taste to make fun of it.

4. Calling Mommy Easy Is So Funny



Your easy-going nature is exactly what you want your baby advertising to anyone that can read!

5. It’s Not At All Creepy To Talk About Your Baby’s Penis Size



This is just sick.

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