TGI Friday Open Thread: Bloody Mary, Lizzie Borden And Can We Have A Slumber Party?

148505658Lizzie Borden premieres on Lifetime Saturday night and I’m so excited to watch it because not only is Lifetime television for women, it’s television for women who love trashy television, and that would be me. It hits on everything I’m interested in, women behaving badly and urban legends and other creepy things.
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Did you ever play Bloody Mary when you had slumber parties when you were young? When you stood in the mirror with your friends and chanted “Bloody Mary” three times and turned off the lights and you were supposed to see some dead chick covered in blood in the mirror?

I want to hear about all the other stupid creepy ghost stories you heard about as a teen and all that other good stuff. But if you are too bawk bawk chicken you can tell us what you plan on doing this weekend, unless it involves shoveling your driveway, because I so don’t wanna hear about that.

I know it’s so boring to discuss the weather, but come onnnn.. my kids had one snow day and two late start days and I am over it. We are expecting more snow this weekend so I’m going to curl up with the cat and watch trashy TV and NOT EAT POPCORN and maybe drink something amazing. I wish we could have a Mommyish slumber party and all watch together because I think it would be hilarious.

And I am dying for some book recommendations, so hit me up with those. I feel like I haven’t had time to read anything that hasn’t been written here in forever and I need to lose myself in a good book.

Cuddle up, grab a cocktail or a beer or whatever else you have to drink (Not nail polish) and share creepy stories with us plus anything else ya want!

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