NYPD Officers Acting Like Violent Thugs Again, Allegedly Slam Pregnant Woman To Ground Belly First

A video that allegedly shows an NYPD officer slamming a pregnant woman to the ground in Brooklyn is making the rounds on the Internet. It’s the second rough arrest video of the NYPD that’s made the rounds on social media in two weeks. You can argue about the woman’s own role in the escalation of events, but one thing is clear; the NYPD needs to step up their non-violent de-escalation training.

The video was caught by a bystander over the weekend, and posted to the El Grito De Sunset Park Facebook page. A visibly pregnant Sandra Amezquita intervened when police were arresting her 17-year-old son. Police officers are seen handling her in a very rough manner. She ends up on the ground, belly first.

From NY Daily News:

The encounter unfolded at 2:15 a.m. on Fifth Ave. and 40th St. after plain clothes anti-crime cops from the 72nd Precinct arrested Jhohan Lemos for possessing a gravity knife.

Cops from an anti-crime team had recognized him as a member of a robbery crew called Los Ladrones, meaning ”The Thieves” in Spanish, police sources said.

Amezquita and her husband, Ronel Lemos, rushed from a nearby restraurant and tried to intervene, sources said. Lemos was arrested for hitting an officer in the back and his wife was chrged with disorderly conduct.

The El Grito De Sunset Park Facebook page has the full original video. In it, you see Amezquita roughly handled by police. You also see her female friend being pushed really hard, what looks to be a few yards, by officers.

There is no question there were several elements at play here, but none of those elements excuses handling a pregnant woman like that. Whenever we speak about police brutality, there is always someone ready to stand up and defend it. No one is saying that officers don’t have an extremely difficult job. Heck – I don’t think this woman should have gotten physically involved at all. But she is a civilian acting on an impulse to protect her son — not a trained member of law enforcement. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect trained police officers to use their training when they act.

Officers in the same precinct were caught on video a few weeks ago, kicking a street vendor in the head. This is not okay. Police officers do not have carte blanche to act like street thugs. Their job is to serve and protect.

The NYPD Internal Affairs is investigating

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