Gift This: Pregnant Women Don’t Want Baby Stuff For Christmas

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Are you shopping for a pregnant woman this holiday season? Here’s a tip – refrain from reminding her that no one will ever think of her first, again. Once you have a baby, people stop giving a shit about you for a while and focus on your spawn. It’s cute I guess, but since this is the last Christmas she’ll spend without physically needing to worry about keeping another human alive and meeting all its needs, maybe this season should be all about her.

In other words — don’t buy baby stuff for pregnant women on Christmas.

Babushka Ring, $190


Okay, its a little pricey, but Look at this ring! Look at this ring. It’s pretty fitting for her current situation, and just all around adorable.

Natasha Babushka Ring,

“Selfie” Mirror iPhone Case, $78



This is a ridiculously expensive iPhone case, let me be the first one to admit it. But I think one of the fun purposes of a “gift” is to get someone something they would never buy themselves. I would never spend this much money on a phone case. I would LOVE to get one, though.

“Selfie” Mirror Case For iPhone 5/ 5s

Utility Bag, $99


Sometimes, no matter how much you shove into it, a purse just isn’t big enough for all the crap you need to carry. That’s why it’s nice to have one of these canvas utility bags hanging around. I’ll briefly mention this will also make a real cool diaper bag — but pretend I didn’t say that. This is NOT for the baby.

1st and Bryant Du Bois Utility Bag,



I never actually got to try one of these when I was living in NYC, because the line was always so ridiculously long, I could never justify waiting in it just to jam a bunch of delicious calories in my mouth. Little did I know a website exists that will deliver these things right to your door – for the same price that they are sold at the Dominique Ansel bakery in NYC. The cronuts are a little bit of a tease, because you have to get on an email notification list to find out when the sale starts, but has a ton of other treats from all over the country: tamales from Texas, Key Lime pies from Florida, crab cakes from Maryland – all from the restaurants/shops that made the items famous. It’s great.

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