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Imagined Conversations Between Royal Mothers: Queen Beyonce and Duchess Kate Meet

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The world is all aflutter about Prince William and Duchess Kate’s official visit to New York City. What is she wearing, what are they saying about their gorgeous son, Prince George, where are they going, etc. This morning, we all heard the exciting news that America’s royalty and the UK’s were all under one roof last night. Yes, sports fans- Beyonce and Jay-Z were at the Nets vs. Cavaliers game that William and Kate were also attending. Once I heard, all I could wonder is, what kinds of conversations did Beyonce and Duchess Kate have? Did they dish about their husbands and kids? Did they praise one another’s other-worldly hair? Did they exchange recipes? Much to my dismay, I’m sure the reality is that it was all in front of a camera lens and very perfunctory- but in my little world, where I fantasize about a Duggar daughter running away with a hot football player, so much more happened. My brain is a scary place- be grateful you only visit in short spurts.

Here are my imagined conversations between the female royals of two nations- Queen Bey and Princess Kate:

Hair Talk

Kate: “Your hair looks stunning!”

Bey: “Thanks! I woke up like this.”

Kate: “Really? It appears quite posh. Are you certain no one styled it for you?”

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Pregnancy Notes

Bey: “So, how are you feeling?”

Kate: “Still a bit queasy but the worst of it has passed! Did you have morning sickness for Blue Ivy?”

Bey: “No, but I wish I had- it could have helped with those pesky surrogate rumors, amirite?”

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